Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Frosting

I don't really have a recipe for today, but I thought I would share these pretty cupcakes I made! I had an order that was supposed to go out today--but I guess I will be bringing it on Monday now, due to the fact that our job (teaching school) has been cancelled for the rest of the week! So, instead of saving my frosting, I decided to do some doodles on some extra cupcakes I made.

(These cupcakes are actually made from the same recipe as my almond raspberry cake found here, as well as using the same Swiss buttercream frosting).

I had never tried the roses before, and they turned out really well! I am not much for frou-frou food of any kind, but I found these to be an acceptable balance. They don't take too long or too much effort to frost, and they look so pretty! Here is a good tutorial.

I always thought those pastry chefs who spend hours spinning delicate hard candy into sculptures and making cakes into pieces of art are kind of missing the point. By the time they are finished, nobody wants to even EAT said lovely dessert--they just want to take it home and put it on their wall! Food needs to look edible AND attractive. That's my perspective, anyway.

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