Monday, October 6, 2014

Jamie's Empire Roast Chicken

Last week I was looking for an interesting roast chicken recipe. Normally I do an herb and garlic roast, and occasionally I add in some lemon. Then, I found this amazing curried roast chicken from Jamie Oliver. Here is what he says about it:

"Ask any British person what their two favourite meals are and I reckon most people would say their mum's roast chicken, and a curry. Well, welcome to Empire roast chicken, a combination of both of those things. Your friends and family are going to love it. I love it. You will love it."

Doesn't that sound beautiful? Of course I couldn't resist. The chicken was, of course like all of Jamie's recipes, fantastically flavorful. I documented the process in my pictures below. 

One thing: I would definitely be sure to use a smaller roasting pan than mine. I had an issue with some burned veg in the bottom of the pan :( The oven is suposed to be at 400F for this, which is very hot. I guess you could just check on it every once in a while and add in a little more stock when necessary...

Here is the recipe.

Check out that gorgeous pile of spices...I have lots of fresh Indian spices and made my own garam masala. We love Indian food.

 Look at that chicken! Be sure to rub the spices all over-inside and outside.

Whisking the flour into the Worcestershire and vinegar.  The beginnings of a great gravy.


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